My beloved mum is gone...

Early today the news hit me really hard - my mum has passed away. I still cannot believe this tragic news. While trying to get myself together I found her picture from my childhood and that is how I want remember her.

Here is message I posted on Folksy forum:

Hi everyone,
My name is Monika and firstly few words about me.
I was born in Poland and for past few years I have been living in beautiful Scotland with my husband and two fantastic kids Alicia (6) and Philip (1). Here I run my little business.
Today I receive news my mum died. I would love to go to Poland to help my dad in this difficult situation - unfortunately I cannot afford it.
Yesterday I organized "End of Summer Sale" in my Folksy shop - but yesterday everyfing was fine.
Today is completely different day - I quickly need to buy tickets to flay to Poland, pay for childcare during my absence.
Instead of reorganizing everything in my shops I thought the best way is if you make me an offer on items you would like to purchase.
I have two shops on Folksy:
Exclusive silver jewellery made in wire-wrapping technique:
Wedding jewellery and accessories:
All your help is very appreciated

Sincerely yours

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